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Why choose 'The New 411'?

The New 411 began in October 2017. We were created to allow for all site users to be able to provide updated contact information which was not limited to just a phone number and address as the world has changed and we have met the needs of todays consumers. We are the first online directory to allow users to provide all their social media profiles so friends and family can quickly get in contact with you. The average person will have 7 different mailing addresses, 11 different phone numbers and 8 different social media profiles within their lifetime. We make it easier to update all this information in one place so as to ensure those you want to be able to get in contact with you can. We also allow users to list their 411 number which is extremely important especially when emergencies services are required. We also provide all these services free of charge. We do not request any nor will we ever payment information as this service is completely free. We also do not sale your contact information to third parties. We recognize those visiting America or becoming citizens need one place to enter all their contact information so friends and family back home can find you and we welcome you so you may use our site to facilitate those needs. We have a small staff dedicated to making improvements to our site and service so you may enjoy it. Please give us any feedback you may have.

Reasons why to subscribe to 'The 411' contact directories

Emergency help: The New 411 directory allows you to enter your contact information so in case of emergency all necessary agencies such as police, fire fighters, paramedics and other emergency service providers are able to locate you. It also allows emergency service providers the ability to locate you during an emergency.

Free: We do not require any fee to subscribe to their service. Profile information can be updated with no fee applied, making it even easy in a world where access to the internet and technology is boundless.

For more information and inquiries, contact:

The New 411

Address: 2539 John Hawkins

Parkway suite 100 Birmingham,

Alabama 35244.

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